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Educational tools


Where technology meets millennial student interaction with technological trends seen as a growing social culture. 7emagine AR application allows teacher(s), facilitator(s) to explore creative learning through the lens of their students at a more interactive and engaging level.

Educational Creative Story Learning

7emagine brings a whole new dimension in creative learning taking students imagination and making it interactive visually from drawing level. Where students become self-directed creative authors, with remote high-tech monitoring opportunities whether in the classroom or at home.

AR mobilises your message in 3D or Data video with voice streaming being accessible via Pad/Tablet and mobilised communication hardware. AR will become an essential "add-on" APP tool for any business or organisation to give direct access to product, information sourcing, personalising objects, location, destination, packaging manuals, security scanning-identification, or marketing exposure.

"The limit of this application is only your imagination on how you would apply it".

VR (Virtual reality) Taking viewers into a virtual environment. 7e Systems virtual world gives potential customers full self-directed object interactive functional movement on request specifications. 7e Systems has a high-tech VR/AR integrated multi-platform conversion services for customers whom require both technology platforms.

VR Studio creation facilitates services are available for approved projects.

All customer content can be held with our secure server or direct access.

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